Original Songs

by Desmond Allen

Singer Songwriter

A Brief Music Bio

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Note: Songs with the asterisk (*) are completed recordings,

the others are still in the process.


I Believer You're Courting Danger  *

My Sugar Momma *


She Donít Need No Help  *

She Used To Call My Name *


Tuesday Girl *


Waiting on the Four Eleven  *

When You've Got a Good Woman  *

Why Do You Hurt Me? *


Woke Up This Morning She Was Not Around


You Don't Love This Little Boy  *



Have You Noticed That I Love You? *


How were they to Know


Love is a Mystery


She Can Make You Smile


She Was Just a Teen


Sometimes I Cry For You


The Life of a Superstar


The Mother of My Children  *

There Ain't No Shortcut To Love  *

This Time its my Turn  *




Ainít Nothing as Beautiful as She *


God's Special Gift *


He's Tried So Many Times To Make Her Happy


I've Had Many Friends  *

Never Thought It Would End This Way


Rodeo Cowboy


Sitting on The Back Porch  *



How'd You Ever Take My Name?  *


Paying For Your Design *

Show Your Love *


Slowly Losing My Mind



Bring Me To My Knees


He'll Supply Your Every Need


There's A Time For The Answer


Time is Coming To An End


Who Am I To Show The Way?



Merrill's Flute  *

Remember When