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An Introductory Outline to

The Biological Effect of Electromagnetic Polarity at the Cellular Level



Desmond Allen, PhD, ND, RCP

Dr.   Allen advises all readers to consult their physician before abandoning any pharmaceutical therapy or adding any natural remedy.  He also encourages everyone to take responsibility for their own healthcare decisions, and to seek the opinion of an alternative healthcare professional.


Effect of Electric Polarity at the Cellular Level

We live in an electric universe; from the heavenly bodies circling the space to the electromagnetic forces in the sub atomic level, we are not only surrounded by positive and negative electromagnetic forces but every cell in our bodies relies upon electromagnetism for its very existence.


“All biological systems are electromagnetic.  Magnetic and electric poles cannot be separated.  Electric fields produce magnetic fields and magnetic fields produce electricity.  They cannot be separated.  Live biological cells pulse as an expression of their magnetic state.  Live biological cells respond to a static magnetic field by pulsing.” (William H. Philpott, MD, The pH Factor in Health and Disease, p. 27)


Medical science has known of this relationship for many decades and medicine often makes use of the body’s response to electromagnetic polarity: the TENS unit for pain (Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation); EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) unit, and Defibrillator to correct aberrant electrical impulses in the heart.  There is various testing equipment that relies upon the bodies electrical impulses: MRI, EKG, EEG.


Magnetic versus Electronic Polarity

Although electromagnetic technology is well documented, it is seldom utilized to its potential.  Few physicians are aware of the enormous potential magnetic therapy has shown over the last three decades.  And when the non-medial community attempts to use the technology, it is often used ignorantly and applied incorrectly. 


For the last 30 years William Philpott, MD, winner of the Linus Pauling Award, has lead the research under FDA guidelines and published his findings concerning the biological effects of negative magnetic force.  Although largely overlooked by the medical community, nevertheless the results are nothing less than astounding.    


At the atomic level, exposure to positive polarity causes a clockwise rotation that pushes electrons outward away from the proton.  Conversely, exposure to negative polarity causes a counter-clockwise rotation that pulls electrons toward the center proton.  MRI uses this technology to create its images.


The negative polarity and the positive polarity have diverse effects at the cellular level. 

For example, negative polarity with the counter-clockwise spin has no free radicals (molecular oxygen accepts an electron and becomes free radical oxygen--superoxide) and has an anti-stress and anti-inflammatory response; whereas the positive polarity with the counter-clockwise spin has free radicals and causes a biologically stressful and inflammatory response.


Another important response to the positive versus the negative polarity is the cellular production of ATP and the promotion of an alkaline-healthy versus acidic-unhealthy state. 


The essence of magnetic therapy is the production of negative ion charges at the cellular level that not only promote the alkaline-hyperoxia condition necessary for oxioreductase enzymes to function but also energizes these enzymes for catalysis.  Decades of research has shown that this goal of negative ion charges at the cellular level can be achieved by using negative magnets.



Definition of Terms

Lets define a few terms.



pH is the term we use to refer to the acid/alkaline balance.  All solutions, including our body fluids have a pH.  The pH scale goes from 0 to 14.  7 is neutral; water registers at 7.  below 7 is acidic and the lower it is the more acidic it is.  Likewise, above 7 is alkalitic and the higher it is the more alkalitic it is. 


pH & Disease

Each normally functioning body system maintains a particular pH.  Except for the mouth and gastric juices, which maintain acidic pH’s, all normal body fluids maintain alkalitic states.  For examples: Saliva (6.0-7.0); Stomach (1.0-3.5); Pancreas (8.0-8.3); Intestines (7.5-8.0) and blood (7.35-7.45).


At the cellular level, all pathogens and diseases thrive in acidic environments and die in alkaline environments.  So in a blood pH of 7.3, although alkalitic on the pH scale is acidic as far as normal blood pH, bacteria, virus, fungus and degenerative disease in general will thrive.


Dr. Boyce N. Berkel,

“The metabolic mechanisms of acute maladaptive reactions are the same as the chronic symptoms of degeneration. Central to this biological disorder producing symptoms is the production of acidity with its associated reduction of oxygen (acid-hypoxia).... The central disorders of acute maladaptive reactions are: 1) acidity, and 2) low oxygen.  Monitoring the biochemical disorders of chronic degenerative diseases reveals the same disorders as acute maladaptive reactions which are acid-hypoxia.  Chronic degenerative diseases are observed to be acute maladaptive reactions extended in time to a chronic state with the resultant cellular damage.  The contrast between the well cells of the healthy, functioning person and the sick cells of degenerative diseases provides valuable clues as to how magnetics can substantially aid in recovery of inflammatory degenerative diseases, infections from microorganisms and cancer.”



(adenosine triphosphate) ATP, a biochemical compound of phosphate bonds is present in every energy-consuming activities of every cell.


Cells produce ATP in one of two ways: Oxidative Phosphorylation (oxioreductase, cellular respiration) or Fermentation (ATP synthesis by substrate-level).  There are specific enzymes families for each process.


1) (Oxidoreductase) The family of enzymes for oxidative phosphorylation only function in the healthy state.  They are alkaline-hyperoxic-negative magnetic field activation dependent.


2) (Transferase and Hydrolase) The family of enzymes for fermentation only function in the abnormal state of acidity and hypoxia and a positive magnetic field. 


Thus, a negative static magnetic field is a Oxidative Phosphorylation enzyme energy activator while a positive static magnetic field is a fermentation enzyme energy activator.


ATP Perpetuation of Polarity Charge

Negative Static Magnetic Field

1) The catalytic reaction of the oxidative phosphorylation production of ATP creates a negative static field magnetism called oxidation remnant magnetism.  a) This negative static magnetic field is available to energize oxidoreductase enzyme catalysis.  b) At the same time it blocks the fermentation enzymes of transferase and hydrolase catalysis. 2) Besides the biological available negative static magnetic field from oxidation remnant magnetism, there is an always present electrostatic field.  In an alkaline medium the electrostatic field produces a negative static magnetic field that energizes oxidoreductase catalysis.  


Free Radicals

In the process of oxidative phosphorylation, that is adding these phosphate bonds to produce ATP, molecular oxygen accepts an electron and becomes free radical oxygen--superoxide.  If not immediately enzymatically reversed, superoxide proceeds to produce other free radicals, peroxides, oxyacids, alcohols and aldehydes.  These are all inflammatory.” (Dr. Boyce N. Berkel)


The ATP produced by fermentation only takes place in the abnormal state of acidity, hypoxia and positive ion charge.  The enzymes catalyzing fermentation production of ATP are acid-hypoxic-positive static magnetic field activation dependent.  Sugar is catalyzed by transferase producing ATP, alcohols, acids and carbon dioxide.  Hydrolase enzymes catalyzes starches to sugars.  Hydrolase also is acid-hypoxic-positive static magnetic field energy activation dependent.  


In an acid medium, an electrostatic field produces a positive static magnetic field that in turn energizes transferases and hydrolases.


Effect of Electric Polarity on pH

A static magnetic field is required for the enzyme and the substrate to attach.  Both oxidation phosphorylation and fermentation catalysis are static magnetic field energized.  However, they are energized by opposite magnetic poles.  Oxidation phospharylation is energized by a negative static magnetic field in an alkaline-hyperoxic medium.  Fermentation is energized by a positive static magnetic field in an acid-hypoxic medium.


ATP made by fermentation with its acid-hypoxic medium cannot maintain human biological life energy.  ATP made by fermentation can maintain the life energy of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and cancer cells.  


William H. Philpot

“The way to reverse acute maladaptive symptom reactions, prevent and reverse microorganism infections, maintaining human biological health and provide for the reversal of degenerative diseases is to maintain a normal alkaline body pH, hyperoxia and an adequate negative static magnetic field.  The biological response to a negative static magnetic field can maintain these necessary components of healthy human cells.


Thus it can be understood that exposure to an external source of a negative static magnetic field supports human health and materially aids in reversal of inflammatory degenerative diseases, cancer and the defense against microorganism invasion.  This external negative static magnetic field can be applied to local affected areas as well as applied systemically by such as a negative static magnetic field bed pad.



Journal Articles


Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 1997 Nov; 78(11):1200-3.  Response of pain to static magnetic fields in postpolio patients: a double-blind pilot study.  Vallbona C, Hazlewood CF, Jurida G.  Department of Family and Community Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine.
DESIGN: Double-blind randomized clinical trial.

CONCLUSIONS: The application of a device delivering static magnetic fields of 300 to 500 Gauss over a pain trigger point results in significant and prompt relief of pain in post polio subjects.


Altern Ther Health Med. 2001 Sep-Oct; 7(5):54-64, 66-9.  Low-amplitude, extremely low frequency magnetic fields for the treatment of osteoarthritic knees: a double-blind clinical study.  Jacobson JI, Gorman R, Yamanashi WS, Saxena BB, Clayton L.  Institute of Theoretical Physics and Advanced Studies for Biophysical Research, Perspectivism Foundation.

DESIGN: Double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial.
CONCLUSION: Low-amplitude, extremely low frequency magnetic fields are safe and effective for treating patients with chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis.


Curr Med Res Opin. 2001; 17(3):190-6.

·        Magnetic pulse treatment for knee osteoarthritis: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.  Pipitone N, Scott DL.  Rheumatology Department, King's College Hospital (Dulwich), London, UK.
DESIGN: Double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial.

CONCLUSIONS: There were no clinically relevant adverse effects attributable to active treatment. These results suggest that the Medicur unipolar magnetic devices are beneficial in reducing pain and disability in patients with knee OA resistant to conventional treatment in the absence of significant side-effects.


Altern Ther Health Med. 2002 Jul-Aug; 8(4):50-5.  Effects of static magnets on chronic knee pain and physical function: a double-blind study.

Hinman MR, Ford J, Heyl H.  Department of Physical Therapy, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, USA. 
DESIGN: Double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial.
CONCLUSIONS: The application of static magnets over painful knee joints appears to reduce pain and enhance functional movement.


JAMA. 2000 Mar 8; 283(10):1322-5.  Bipolar permanent magnets for the treatment of chronic low back pain: a pilot study.  Collacott EA, Zimmerman JT, White DW, Rindone JP.  Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

DESIGN: Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled.

CONCLUSIONS: Application of 1 variety of permanent magnet had no effect on our small group of subjects with chronic low back pain.



Biological Effects of Prolonged Exposure to Static Negative Magnetic Ion

William H. Philpot

“The biological response to a static positive magnetic field is acid-hypoxia. The biological response to the static negative magnetic field is alkaline hyperoxia.  Positive magnetic field therapy is limited to brief exposure to stimulate neuronal and catabolic glandular functions. Positive magnetic field therapy should be under medical supervision due to the danger of prolonged application, producing acid hypoxia.


“Negative magnetic field therapy has a wide application in such as: cell differentiation, healing, production of ATP by oxidative phosphorylation and processing of toxins by oxidoreductase enzymes.  Negative magnetic field therapy is not harmful and can effectively be used both under medical supervision and self-help application.  Some of the values of magnetic therapy are:

· Enhanced sleep with its health - promoting value by production or melatonin.
· Enhanced healing by production of growth hormone.
· Energy production by virtue of oxidoreductase enzymes production of adenosine triphosphate and catalytic remnant magnetism.
· Detoxification by activation of oxidoreductase enzymes processing free radicals, acids peroxides, alcohols, and aldehydes.
· Pain resolution by replacing acid-hypoxia with alkaline-hyperoxia.
· Reversal of acid-hyperoxia degenerative diseases by replacement of acid-hypoxia with alkaline-hyperoxia.
· Antibiotic effect for all types of human-invading microorganisms.
· Cancer remission by virtue of blocking the acid-dependent enzyme function producing ATP by fermentation.
· Neuronal calming providing control over emotional, mental and seizure disorders.


The list goes on and on with documented positive affects on virtually any condition.  The reason for this is that all tissue respond similarly to negative polarity.


Doctors Testimonials
“Magnetic therapy has been observed to have the highest predictable results of any therapy I have observed in 40 years of medical practice.” William H. Philpott, M.D.


“This is a revolution in the therapy for muscle injuries, joint pain and posture problems.  We have treated 4000 patients with whiplash injuries by means of the magnets and cured 80 percent.”  Dr. J. B. Baron, M.D.  Medical Convention at the Baylor College of Medicine, Texas.


“Magnetic energy has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, lymph flow, hormone production, nerves and muscles.”  Ulrich Warnke, M.D. Magnets to Overcome Pain.  The New Healing Method.

“The application of a magnetic field has the virtues of simplicity, freedom from danger and low cost.  It offers the lay man or woman a suitable form of self treatment for the minor ills of everyday life.” Dr. Evelyne Holzapfel, Magnetic Therapy.

“The magnetic field will in due time develop into a powerful new analytic and therapeutic tool of medicine.”  Dr. Madeleine F. Barnothy.  Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields.

“I can’t say anything officially yet, but let’s face it: this treatment (magnetic therapy) is a Godsend.  It's good for almost anything.”  Kenneth S. Mclean, M.D. Bioenergy Newsletter, Feb. 1986

“Besides being easy, efficient and inexpensive, magnet therapy holds, furthermore, a total guarantee of safety.”  Louis Donnet, M.D.  Magnets for Your Health.

“Magnetic therapy in Japan and elsewhere in parts of Europe and Asia has become a kind of folk medicine, a reliable form of medical self-care.”  Richard Leviton  Healing with Nature's Energy, East-West Journal, June 1986.

“We now stand on the verge of a great new age in magnetic science and its applications - a tool that has been provided by Mother Nature herself.” Dr. Ralph U. Sierra.  Power in a Magnet to Heal.

“The astounding results obtained through magnet therapy gives it a place of considerable importance in the field of therapeutics.”  Neville S. Bengali M.D.  Magnet Therapy: Theory and Practice.

“This is the most exciting thing I have seen since I discovered chiropractic for the first time.  All chiropractors should know about magnet therapy.”  George A Rolfs, D.C. Energy Therapy.

“Every family should have a couple of magnets and know how to apply them in minor ailments and infections.” A. K. Battacharya, M.D.  
Healing by Magnets.

“It is hoped that the use of magnetic energy can be kept non-prescriptive for easy availability for home and self use.” William H. Philpott, M.D.  NEW HOPE: Magnet Therapy.

“Magnetism is a wholly natural event.  It is neither magic nor medicine.  It merely allows the body cells to exist at their best level.”  Edward A. Hacmac, DC.


“It has been clinically established that North pole energy arrests protein activity, draws fluids, contracts, vaso-constricts, increases alkalinity, acts to sedate or inhibit pain, decreases activity, increases potassium ions, decreases abnormal calcium ions and decreases hydrogen ion concentration. The North pole can be said to be the normalizing energy. It normalizes the alkaline state of the body but never produces an over Alkalinized condition. It oxygenates the body but never produces Oxidized free radicals. It has a normalizing effect no matter how long the exposure.” Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer.

The Significance of Magnetic Technology for Today

The surface charge of the earth is negative, but the Magnetic Poles are weakening exponentially.  There has been a 10% to 15% reduction since scientists started measuring their strength in 1845.



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