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Genealogical Research

Desmond Allen, PhD


Ive been doing genealogical research since 2010.  I became interested in it when my granddaughter asked some questions to which I did not know the answer.  Ever learning and always curious, as I sought to answer her questions I quickly became hooked on the investigative process as well as the trove of information about our ancestors. 


Learning about their lives, in a small way, seems to honor them, or at least their memory.  Sometimes, it can be very emotional as I contemplate their struggles, their dreams . . . their humanity.  In the end, we all end up like them; we discard this mortal vessel and we fly away to meet our Creator.       


As a trained researcher and scholar, I hold PhDs in education and health administration, a Master of Divinity, an MBA, and have authored several books and articles.  Beyond my Genealogist Certificate, research is my passion. 


If youd like me to research your ancestors, please provide as much information as you can on the form (Link to Form) and send it to the email address listed below.  After I review it, Ill contact you for your free consultation.  Because Im retired and do this as a passion rather than a living, you will find my rates very reasonable.     



Free    One time consultation to determine the scope of research

$70     Minimum 2-hour search to collect documents 

$40     Continued research per hour                          

$40     Historical Narrative with document references

                     See an example of Historical Narrative


Package deals

$216    5 hours of research plus Historical Narrative 10% discount

$352    10 hours of research plus Historical Narrative 20% discount


Additional fees may be necessary to retrieve hard copy documents from archive facilities (e.g. courthouses, county, state, or US government, etc).  The cost of retrieval, along with a receipt, will be added without a markup fee.  


Email: dpagenealogist (@) gmail (.) com