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A Brief Bio

I have many interests, which I pursue (or have pursued) with relentless persistence.  Once a particular interest latches onto me I am obsessed with it until mastery is achieved; or my near mastery is overwhelmed by sudden disinterest.  In either case the fixation subsides, the mania is abandoned, and I pursue the next. 

Although this personality defect can be quite frustrating it has also yielded some insignificant accomplishments.  A series of oil paintings and charcoal drawings that won blue, red, and white ribbons at a county fair -- a very small county -- I have not painted since.  A shoot-off in a state championship trap shoot; I have not shot since.  Mastery of the nunchakus -- which was mandated before my Kung-fu instructor would teach me the staff.  I have not practiced them since.  A teacherís certificate with the Billiard Congress of America; I stopped playing the very week I received the certificate.  A private pilotís license; I donít fly anymore.  Two trivial literary awards and numerous articles published in obscure journals.  Several poorly promoted books on various topics, as well as many songs in different genres from country to light rock, and blues to hymns.  Multiple graduate degrees -- most of which I do not use.  A few successful small businesses with which Iíve eked out a meager living, and other conquests hardly worth mentioning such as: many trips crisscrossing the continent with visits to Canada, Mexico and 46 of the lower 48 states; a onetime only, two-over-par on a rather difficult nine-hole golf course (of course, I donít golf anymore); a two time Babe Ruth all-star -- and since you have not heard of me in the majors, it is safe to assume I do not play baseball any longer.  For several years I was obsessed with chess; which resulted in a book on chess theory.  I was very glad for that mania to cease.

However, amidst the many fleeting passions, certain interests have retained their lure; demanding as much attention now as did their initial obsessions.  Regardless of the intensity of my pursuit their mastery remains elusive, with something new and challenging forever emerging; thus, the inevitable languor never manifests.  Theology, music, and my marriage are as intriguing today as they were nearly five decades ago when I met each of them in my teens.  My Christian theology, like a compass, continues to influence my lifeís decisions.  My musical ability and creativity continue to grow.  And my enchanted marriage is nothing short of a blessing from God; from which grew three beautiful daughters who, fortunately, have grown to be more like their mother than me.